Edison Fontana Ribolla

Name: Edison Fontana Ribolla


Phone: 091 90 60 90

Address: Pte. Berro 2650, Ap. 103 Tower 3, Montevideo

  • Medical Doctor. Faculty of Medicine of the University Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Montevideo
  • I have dedicated myself, researched and trained in Aesthetic Medicine and Stem Cells providing high quality treatments to improve the physical appearance and health of patients.
  • In addition to medical training, I have vast experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine in techniques with non-invasive treatments.
  • Training 2014
  • Stem Cell Training – Stem Cell Specialty
  • Laboratory of Professor Gustavo Moviglia.
  • Maimonides University of the City of Buenos Aires. 1997
  • Superior Course of Aesthetic Medicine. Argentine Medical Association – Argentine University – John. F Kennedy. 1982
  • Founder Member of A.U.M.R.I.T.
  • Labor History
  • Independent General Practitioner from MAY 1982

Pedro Cladera

Name: Pedro José Cladera Antúnez


  • Laboratorista Especializado en Hematología (Enero/81)
  • Doctor en Medicina
  • Especialista en Laboratorio Clínico
  • Especialista en Gestión de Servicios de Salud
  • Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell:
  • Director Técnico. del Dpto. de Patología Clínica (08/2004-a la fecha)
  • Facultad de Medicina
    • 1991-1997.- Asistente de Laboratorio GII Cat. Laboratorio Clínico
      • Especializado en Inmunología
    • 2007-2015.- Profesor Adjunto de Laboratorio GIII Cat. Laboratorio Clínico
      • Especializado en Bioquímica
  • Biotec SRL Clínica y Laboratorio 2006-……….- Director Técnico
  • Otras Actividades:
    • Docente Responsable del Practicantado Obligatorio de la carrera de Bioquímica Clínica. Facultad de Química (desde 2004 a la fecha).
    • Integrante de Tribunales de Residentado de Laboratorio Clínico (05 y 06)
    • Tareas de Apoyo y Coordinación con MSP para pasantías de Internado de carrera de Licenciados en Laboratorio Clínico ETM (2000 a la fecha)

Manuel Baruch

Name: Manuel Baruch



  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • He has worked for 5 years in the Department of Microbiology and published a first article on resistance to antibiotics in isolates of Staphylococcus spp. In 1983 he began to work on cell cultures for virology, initially with BHK-21 for Foot-and-Mouth virus and later at the University of Buenos Aires with Vero cells for the diagnosis of Junín Virus. 
  • Between 1988 and 1995, hired as Senior Technician by UNDP in Southern Africa.
  • Organizes laboratories and trains personnel for Trypanosomiasis, Malaria, Cholera and AIDS.
  • In 1996, back in Uruguay, he established a clinical diagnostic laboratory that later incorporated the development of protocols for ecotoxicity bioassays.
  • In 2015, it joined the Network of Environmental Laboratories (RLAU) of the current Ministry of the Environment, specializing in environmental audits through ecotoxicity tests.